How to Avoid Kratom Tolerance

When you use Kratom it’s important to understand how to adopt different strategies which will keep your tolerance level down. Strain rotation is key! Each Kratom strain has its own effects on the body. The maturity of the tree, the drying and curing process, etc., change the effects of what we know as the 4 different types of Kratom strains. For example, you could take a red vein leaf from the same tree, dry one set of leaves outside and another set of leaves inside – when you do this you are changing the effects of the plant because drying red vein indoors makes it more potent than drying it outdoors.

The Alkaloids of each strain reacts with the brain differently. Rotating will keep the tolerance down or you can mix your favorite strains. Also a key component to avoiding a tolerance is keeping a schedule of consumption. I take Kratom in the morning instead of coffee to give me energy throughout the day. That being said its very similar to Coffee, if you take too much you won't feel the caffeine anymore.

Learn which parts of the day your body could use Kratom powder and then make that part of your daily routine. The alkaloids in the Kratom don’t reach a stable concentration in the brain, spreading your doses out like this means the development of tolerance will be less likely to occur!